We create a ventilation concept for your residential building in accordance with DIN 1946-6. Since this regulation came into force, a ventilation concept MUST be created during the planning and construction of a new building and in the event of significant ventilation changes to an existing building.

This regulation is already mandatory if:

  • more than 1/3 of the existing windows are replaced,
  • more than 1/3 of the roof surface is sealed.

Many homeowners are not aware that the exchange of air in the building is automatic. In old buildings or buildings that have not been renovated, room air escapes through joints in windows or doors. By installing new windows or sealing the roof surface, the air exchange is significantly reduced. The consequences can be increased room air humidity and mould growth in the rooms.

We check the necessity of ventilation measures and create the necessary ventilation concept. We offer this service to building owners, owners, window manufacturers, planners and architects.